Monday, February 13, 2012

I Scream You Scream

Since I have starting taking myself seriously as a home chef my dream has been to get a stand mixer. I found that I enjoy  baking more than anything else I have experienced in the kitchen. When Christmas came this year I was elated to get my dream appliance by Kitchen Aid. Alton Brown, who I will reference a lot, has an entire book dedicated to just kitchen appliances and tools. In Alton Brown's Gear for your Kitchen he suggests a few brands that he feels are a good investment into your kitchen. The first being by Kitchen Aid (which is the one I have) the second being Delinghi. I love Alton because he breaks down everything you need to know, like why use it, how to use it and what kind to get.

After baking like crazy the first few months of my new toy I started researching the different attachments you can purchase to go along with your stand mixer. The first attachment I bought was a ice cream maker. I have been experimenting with making ice cream with lots of success. My first attempts followed different recipes depending on what I was trying to make. Yesterday I decided to go rogue and try a hand at creating my own ice cream concoction. I thought I should start with something simple like strawberry. I recently read that strawberries and balsamic vinegar, as strange as that might sound, pair very well together. So I made strawberry ice cream with a dash of vinegar to spice things up and everyone who has tried it have given me great reviews!

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