Monday, February 13, 2012

Cookbooks:man's true best friend

I think cookbooks are a home chef's best friend especially if you have never set foot in a kitchen before. Cookbooks can be scary if you are not use to them, but I am here to help decipher the clues. There are a lot of books out there that only tell you what to get and how to make it, but what about the basics? For starters kitchen safety and how to use certain appliances and utensils are rarely mentioned in the bigger cookbooks and never mentioned in recipes found online.

Though cooking may appear like magic, like I mentioned in my first post, there are equations and science involved in anything you need to cook. Alton Brown was one of the first cookbooks I ever bought and used for myself. I had been a fan of his show Good Eats on the Food Network for sometime before I had moved to the big city. He is great for anyone starting in the kitchen or if you love great easy to follow recipes. He talks about the basics like safety and food preparation as well as elevating comfort food from around the world.

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