Monday, April 23, 2012

My Interview With Rob

Rob has been my best friend for the past 5 years and he is one of the reasons I am so obsessed with food. Rob loves cooking and eating, but most of all he introduced me to Alton Brown on the Food Network. I decided to interview Rob and find out why he loves food and Alton Brown.

Me: What was the first thing that came to your mind when I told you I had never cooked before?

Rob: At first I thought you were kidding. When I realized how serious you were I had nothing, but pity for you. 


Rob: I knew you were going to starve or never have any money if I didn't help you.

Me: When did you start cooking?

Rob: My grandmother and mom brought me into the kitchen. They would feed me as we cooked, calling me their taste tester. Everything in my family was about coming together, eating and sharing. 

Me: How did you hear about Alton Brown?

Rob: My dad and I would watch the Food Network together. His show was one of our favorites because of his sense of humor and history of each cuisine's culture. I also liked how he explained the science behind everything. 

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