Friday, March 2, 2012

I love to cook for myself and everyone around me.  Universally, cooking brings people together and gives the chef a good feeling that what they serve nourishes the people they are feeding. A good chef is aware of every ingredient they work with and how to extract the most flavor from each ingredient in order to layer the flavors for an overall experience for the diner. People care about the conditions their food was grown and how their food gets processed. 

Pet owners care just as much about themselves as they do their pet. This means not every brand of food is worthy of their pampered pooch. Some owners have even started preparing and cooking all of the meals their pet eats. The quality of the ingredients are just as important for dogs as it is humans. Dogs cannot have seasoning in their food like onions or garlic because it can be potentially toxic to them. Dogs can eat raw meat, cut up in bite sized pieces, as long as the meat is free from bacteria. Otherwise lightly cook the meat, but never cook any vegetables added. The meal will be complete with a grain like quinoa, millet or brown rice. The grain must be a high quality and nutrient dense.

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